Terms and Conditions


You can check in from 3pm onwards.

Check-out is at 11am, you may be charged per hour if not vacated on time

Please ensure you are able to provide on check-in the card that was used to make your reservation.

Payment unless otherwise stated will be taken on arrival.

Advance booking reservations will need to present the card used to make the payment with at the hotel at check-in. Please note that failure to do so will result in an alternative payment method being required. ID will be requested.

The guest who made the reservation must be the guest who is checking in for the stay.

All rooms are non-smoking.

Rates may be subject to change until bookings are confirmed.

Age restrictions apply to reservations,  the minimum age for check-in is 18 years of age. under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Our family room policy maximum is one child under 12 sharing a room with two full paying adults.

Bedroom Amendments and Cancellations

All flexible reservations must be cancelled by 2pm the day prior to arrival to avoid cancellation charges, any bookings cancelled after this will be liable for full charges, afterwards first night rate will be charges against the guarantee credit/debit card. No shows will be charged the equivalent of the first nights rate.

Advanced purchase reservations are a non-refundable and non-exchangeable at any time, you can cancel however full charges will apply.

Group bookings of 9 rooms or more are non-refundable and must be pre-paid 28 days before the arrival date. Amendment or cancellations are free up to 28 days prior to arrival, afterwards amendments and cancelations will be charged at 100% of the booking value. A 10% deposit at booking time may be applicable dependent of the volume of rooms required, please refer to the deposit terms & conditions.


We do not take walk-ins after 7pm daily

Any guests that arrive without a pre-booked room will require to pay a £100.00 security deposit, that would be refunded on check-out. This a mandatory deposit if you wish to stay with the Telegraph Hotel.

Room rates will be charged at check-in.

Any damages to the room may occur loss of deposit


  • We are a card payment only hotel, we accept all major credit and debit cards

Meetings & Events


“The hotel’’/”we’’ shall mean the property (ies) for which this contract has been agreed and/or as appropriate Telegraph Hotel, Coventry ‘’The client’’ and ‘’you’’ shall mean the organising body/company and organiser responsible for commissioning and payment of the event.
‘’The contract’’ shall mean the agreement between the hotel and the client for a specific booking or series of bookings. “Days” referred to in this document are calendar days, unless otherwise stated.



All bookings are held until the hotel receives a signed copy of the contract with terms and conditions from the client. Prices quoted are valid for seven days from date of issue. In the event that no contract is returned within seven days of date of issue then bookings will be automatically released by the hotel.



All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT at the current rate. The hotel reserves the right to amend the price upon written notice to the client in order to reflect any changes in costs beyond reasonable control of the hotel (including changes in VAT rates). The client will be requested in writing to confirm acceptance of the revised price.



The hotel reserves the right to require payment of a deposit to a predetermined level and details will be specified in the contract. In the event that the cancellation fee needs to be implemented, the deposit is non-refundable and may be set against any cancellation fees that might arise.
Failure to make payment of any element of the deposit on the due date may result in the hotel exercising the right to cancel the agreement in accordance with the cancellation provisions below.

Based on total estimated revenue the following prepayment schedule applies:

On booking date Pre-determined by the hotel and specified in the contract 14 days prior to event 100% of total contracted minimum revenue unless otherwise agreed.



The client shall be required to provide the guest/participant numbers attending at the time of booking. The hotel will disclose the minimum number required of the client for the facilities and venue reserved for the client (the ‘minimum number’). The hotel’s minimum charge for the facilities booked will be based on the minimum number. The parties agree that the minimum number shall be mutually agreed based on the client’s guest/participation list and the hotel’s cost of providing the service, reserving use of the facilities and venue at the time of booking.


Client confirmation of numbers

a) At least 28 days prior to arrival the client will provide the hotel with up to date guest/participant numbers and if appropriate a rooming list.
b) At least 7 days prior to arrival, the client will provide the hotel with final guest/participant numbers.

The final charge to the client will be calculated based on the minimum number agreed or the actual numbers attending on condition that any increase above the agreed numbers shall not exceed 15% of the agreed numbers.

If any reduction is made by the client to the final numbers less than 14 days prior to arrival, the hotel will charge the client the full price per head for each guest/participant not attending.

In the event of a reduction in the numbers booked the hotel reserves the right at any time up to 14 days prior to arrival to relocate the booking to suitable alternative facilities or accommodation within the hotel without being liable to the client for such changes.


Amendments and cancellation by the client

If your company cancels this agreement, the company will provide written notice to the hotel, accompanied by payment of the amounts indicated here:



Full deposit amount is equal to 10% of the total event contracted value
The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable regardless of whether this date is re sold by the hotel.

Cancellation less than 28 days prior to event 50% of total costs payable to the hotel
Cancellation less than 21 days prior to event 75% of total costs payable to the hotel
Cancellation less than 14 days prior to event 100% of total costs payable to the hotel

The parties agree that the amounts included in this cancellation clause are reasonable estimates for the losses that would be incurred by the hotel and factor in the hotel’s ability to mitigate its losses through resale.


Other goods or services

The client agrees to reimburse the hotel for any expenditure incurred in respect of the booking including (but without being limited to) any cost, charges or penalties as a result of having to make consequential cancellation of its own arrangements with third parties.


Amendments and cancellation by the hotel

The hotel shall have the right to cancel this agreement if the company fails to pay any instalment of the deposit as set out in the schedule above on the due date. If the Hotel exercises its right to cancel the agreement the client shall be liable for the balance for the payment due in respect of the booking calculated in accordance with the table set out above by reference to the date from which the hotel exercises its right to cancel. In such circumstances credit will be given for any instalments of the deposit already received from the client.



If any guest room reservation included in the Room Block cannot be accommodated by the hotel, the hotel will provide: (1) accommodations at a comparable hotel reasonably nearby at no charge for the first night; (2) one complimentary round trip ground transfer between the hotel and the alternative hotel for each day the guest is displaced; (3) an offer to relocate the displaced guest back to the first available guest room with upgraded (if available) accommodation at the hotel upon return.

The hotel may cancel the booking for any valid reason to include but not limited to the following:
1) If the booking might prejudice the reputation of the hotel
2) If the client is more than 14 days in arrears of scheduled payment
3) If the hotel becomes aware of any alteration in the client’s financial situation
4) If the client is not abiding with the terms of the contract

Attrition policy for day delegates

A decrease in the number of day delegates by 10% will be subject to no additional fee once the details are provided 72 hours in advance of the meeting. A decrease greater than 10% of overall attendance will be charged the applicable rates outlined in the client event agreement.


Food & Beverage

Due to licensing requirements and for quality control, all food and beverage served at the hotel must be supplied and prepared by the hotel. Menu prices will be confirmed in writing by the hotel prior to the event. The hotel does not offer a corkage service.


Function Space

The hotel reserves the right to reallocate function space in order to provide suitable accommodation of size and quality for the event on the event dates. Due notice will be given in writing by the hotel to the client of any change from the function room specified in this agreement should group numbers increase or decrease. This contract applies to the specific areas reserved by the client. All hotel areas outside of the areas reserved and noted in this contract are not part of the contracted client use. The hotel will not be liable for any areas or facilitates within the hotel that not available or out of use during the period of the client booking.



The client will advise the hotel of its expected method of payment of the Master Account at least 30 days in advance of arrival date. If the hotel accepts payment by credit card, a valid credit card must be provided to the hotel and all Master Account charges will be charged to such credit card at departure.


Agent and Event Management Companies

Commissions and fees are only payable to agents and event management companies upon full and complete delivery of the event. Commissions will not be paid if the event company discontinues working with the organiser or company hosting the event.


Credit facilities

a) Requests for a credit facility must be made in writing to the hotel at the time of client booking. The credit application process takes up to 14 days to process by the hotel. If credit facilities have been granted and where payment has not been received within the stated terms, we reserve the right to charge an appropriate rate of interest (8% above basic rate) and compensation charges. All such agreed credit accounts must not exceed their credit limit at any time.
b) For credit accounts full payment must be received by the Hotel within 30 days of the invoice issued by the hotel. Account facilities are not permitted beyond 30 days.
c) The hotel reserves the right to withdraw the credit account at any time, without further liability, upon written notice to the client.
d) Any queries should not delay immediate payment of the outstanding balance. Queries should be referred to the hotel within 7 days of receipt of invoice. No allowance or refund can be made for meals and other elements not taken on the agreed package rate. Payment must be made in pound sterling (UK) payable to the hotel.
e) The client agrees to pay the hotel for any food and beverages or other services not provided for in the contracts or correspondence but made available upon request of the client on the day of the event.


Use of event and function space

To protect the safety and the security of all hotel guests and property the client will obtain the hotel’s advance written approval before using items in event and function space that could create noise, noxious odours or hazardous effects (e.g., loud music, smoke or fog machines, water features, dry ice, candles, glitter cannons) and before engaging in any activities outside of the reserved function rooms (e.g. registration table). The client will obtain and produce to the hotel at least 30 business days prior to the event date any fire safety certificates required by law and/or other health and safety reviews, audits and/or approvals. Failure to obtain any such prior written approval from the hotel or to produce all such certificates and/or health and safety documentation will result in the hotel refusing use of any such items. The client will pay any expenses incurred by the hotel as a result of such activity (even though approved by the hotel), such as resetting smoke or fire alarms or unusual clean-up costs.



The hotel does not provide security in the event and function space and all personal property left in the event or function space is at the sole risk of the owner. The client is advised that its event attendees are responsible for safekeeping of their personal property. The hotel may reasonably require that the client should retain security personnel in order to safeguard guests or property in the hotel. Security personnel are not authorised to carry firearms without explicit advance written approval from the hotel (in its absolute discretion). In any event any approval of the carrying of firearms will be subject to and without prejudice to all requirements within the local jurisdiction insofar as they relate to the carrying of the firearms and it shall be the responsibility of the group to establish the nature of all such requirements and to ensure compliance with all such requirements.


Ancillary services

The hotel may provide, or contract with third parties to provide, ancillary services (e.g., audio visual, florists) to client for additional charges. Upon prior consent by the hotel the client may use its own vendors for such services provided that the client’s proposed vendors are notified to the hotel and the hotel in its absolute discretion deems such vendors to meet the minimum standards established by the hotel, including insurance and indemnification requirements. The client will inform the hotel of its decision to bring own vendor at least 60 days prior to the event dates and sign, and have its vendor sign, the hotel-appropriate form of External Supplier Joinder at least 45 days prior to the event date. The limits on liability set out as below shall not apply to any act or omission by any third party ancillary service provider engaged by client.


Laws and Policies

The client will comply with all applicable laws, statutes, codes, ordinances, rules and regulations, including any applicable hotel policies.

Lost Property

The hotel does not accept responsibility for guest’s belongings left after departure. We do however have lost property procedure, if property is found (non-perishable goods) we will hold for 6 months and will mail to you on request for a charge.  It is your responsibility to ensure valuables and belongings are kept safe during your stay at the Telegraph, bedroom safes are provided for you to do this. We accept no responsibility for loss belongings and valuables.

Please refer to the Hotel Proprietors Act 1956 for any further information.


The client shall be responsible for any and all damages caused to the allocated rooms, grounds and furnishings, utensils and equipment therein by any act, default or neglect of the client, subcontractor or guests of the client and shall pay to the hotel on demand the amount required to make good or remedy such damage. The client will be responsible for any aspect of breakages or losses of the hotel’s equipment or supplies whilst on the hotel’s site during the period of the event. The hotel will levy a charge equal to the item at cost plus a 15% handling charge.


Limited liability

Neither party will be liable to the other for any special, incidental, indirect, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, however caused, arising out of or relating to this agreement that shall not exceed the greater of: (a) the aggregate fees and expenses paid and payable to hotel under this agreement and (b) the amounts payable under any applicable insurance policies maintained by the liable party; provided that the foregoing cap shall not apply to (i) indemnification claims (ii) claims for breach of confidentially (iii) claims for bodily and personal injury, death, or tangible property damages; and (iv) damages caused by wilful misconduct, gross negligence or criminal acts. None of the limits of liability set out in this clause shall apply in respect of any act or omission of, or related to a breach by, any external third party ancillary service supplier.



Each party will retain insurance sufficient to cover any claims or liabilities which may reasonably arise out of or relate to its obligations under this agreement and will provide evidence of such insurance upon request.



Each party will indemnify, defend and hold the other harmless from any loss, liability, costs or damages arising from actual or threatened claims resulting from its breach of this agreement by any third party or the negligence, gross negligence or intentional misconduct of such party or its officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, members or participants when acting within the scope of their employment or agency. Neither party will be liable for punitive damages.


Force majeure

If acts of God or government authorities, national disasters, or any other event beyond a party’s reasonable control make it illegal or impossible for such party to perform its obligations under this agreement, such party may terminate this agreement upon written notice to the other party without further liability. For the avoidance of doubt, any deposit paid by the client before the event shall be reimbursed in the circumstances where the hotel suffers the event of a force majeure and is unable to perform its obligations.



The client may not assign or delegate its rights or duties under this agreement without the hotel’s prior written approval.



All notices, requested approvals, demands and other communications required or permitted to be given under this agreement shall be in writing (which for the purposes of this agreement shall not include e-mail) and to the address of the party first mentioned above. Scanning or electronic execution and delivery of this agreement (including electronic signature) and all notices hereunder shall be legal, valid and binding execution and delivery for all purposes.



If any provisional of this agreement or any part of any such provision is held to be invalid or unenforceable that provision or the relevant part will be eliminated or limited to the minimum extent possible, and the remainder of the agreement will have full force and effect.



If either party agrees to waive its rights to enforce any item of this agreement, it does not waive its rights to enforce any other terms of this agreement nor to any future breach of that term.

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all other written and oral agreements between the parties concerning its subject matter. It may not be amended except by in writing and signed by the hotel.

By initialling and signing the proposal, I acknowledge that all the above details are correct and I accept the Terms and Conditions.