Book Your Murder Mystery Break with Murder 57

We are working in partnership with Murder 57 to create a fully interactive Murder Mystery evening for our guests, your evening will be filled with Intrigue, suspicion and of course murder!

Enjoy a delicious three-course meal with twisted tales and numerous shadowy suspects, you must keep your cool and piece together crucial clues to reveal the culprit’s true identity

Packages from £55.00 per person

Murder Mystery Evening Inc Hotel Stay in one of our luxurious BIG rooms, 3 course meal, breakfast and afternoon tea for 2 guests £249.00

Murder Mystery Evening Inc Hotel Stay in one of our luxurious BIG rooms, 3 course meal, breakfast for 2 guests £218.00

Murder Mystery Evening Inc Hotel Stay in one of our luxurious BIG rooms, 3 course meal, breakfast for 1 guest £129.00

Murder Mystery Evening Inc 3 course meal for 1 guest £55.00

Murder At The Folly

Friday 13th October 2023

It is 1928 – Tonight we celebrate the coming together of two families, to be joined by marriage, One family is headed by the rich and powerful self-made man George Barton and one is an aristocratic family who have fallen on hard times financially.


Is this to be a marriage of convivence or does true love exist? Are people trying to stop their hidden secrets from being discovered?

The After Show Party

Saturday 20th January 2024

Having all been interviewed on the famous Jenny James Show that morning, light-hearted teasing turns to full-blown arguments as interviewees condone each other’s behaviour. But when of them ends up dead. there’s more serious matter to be discussed-one not suitable for the like of day-time television. Time to call the detectives!


St Valentine’s Day Massacre

Friday 16th February 2024

Jack (Johnny) Johnson runs the ‘Starlight Rooms’, lucrative night club. Despite living in Britain Johnny styles himself as a Chicago gang leader and the local constabulary tend to ignore him. However, when detectives find the link between series of murders and the starlight rooms, the police become very interested indeed. What has Johnny been up to? Is someone trying to frame him – and if so who?

The Fashion House 

Friday 29th March 2024

(Optional Costume – 1920’s Glad Rags)

It is 1926!

The biggest fashion designer of the decade is organising a fashion show and cat walk at your hotel tonight. Many of the latest designs will be on show. But are any of the designers totally original? Is someone jealous of what’s on display? And would kill if money is right?

A Darker Shade of Murder

Friday 26th April 2024

(Optional Costume – Standard Party Wear)

You are welcomed here tonight for the official launch of JH Enterprises, headed by the wife of Brendan Hawthorne. Hawthorne Industries previously owned by Brendan ceased trading and is now under investigation. With pensions pots running dry Investors monies swallowed up, and a marriage on the rocks, will investors seek revenge, will relationships become full of suspicion, has a well know face returned to the scene? And will there be Murder tonight?

The Hen Party

Friday 24th May 2024

(Optional Costume – Standard Party Wear)

Alison and Andy are to be married! Alison is hosting her hen party at the hotel this weekend, and we’re all invited. But will Alison’s happiness be shattered when some dark secrets come to light over the course of the evening? And what of her fiancé? Is he all he seems to be?

Suspicious Minds

Friday 21st June 2024

(Optional Costume – Dress as Elvis)

Tonight it is the annual Amateur Elvis Presley Impersonators competition. There will be some extraordinary talent on show, no doubt. And some bad ones too! But who is so desperate to be the winner that they may kill to get the hands on the trophy. Oh and you are all welcome to dress up as the King too – if you dare!


The Wedding Reception

Friday 26th July 2024

(Optional Costume – Wedding Outfits)

Guests are invited to join elderly, upper class Bertrum Wallace-Smythe and his young, unsophisticated bride, Zoë Matthews, at the evening reception to celebrate their marriage. Not everyone feels like celebrating however. Will these two very mismatched families get on – or will their dirty laundry be aired in public?


Murder on the Dance Floor

Friday 23rd August 2024

(Optional Costume – Black Tie / Sparkly Dress)

Style TV, is new to the UK. Owned by Australian media magnate Greg Copeland, the TV company is set to go head to head in an all out war with BBC’s ‘Strictly’ this year. Their new dance show, ‘Step Up & Dance’  promises to be big & brash.

Fronted by TV host Sam Delaney, the show will have notorious musical star P.J. McQueen as lead judge, who makes Craig Revel Norwood seem like a pussycat!!

Tonight will be an opportunity for one lucky person to join the show.

Bart’s Billions

Friday 20th September 2024

(Optional Costume – Standard Party Wear)

Your presence has been personally requested by Mr. Bartholomew Caffrey; reclusive billionaire, as he has an important announcement to make. It is unclear as to what the announcement will be, nor why he has called this event; however, there are rumours that authorities all over the world are after him in connection to crimes from forgery to armed robberies, so perhaps his past is finally catching up to him? One thing is clear though; when a Caffrey asks you to do something, you are better off doing it. For your own sake and the sake of your loved ones.


Friday 25th October 2024

(Optional Costume –Mad Scientist)

Michael and Georgina Kettleworth are celebrating their wedding anniversary tonight. Michael is a successful scientist currently engaged in some top secret research, which he conducts at a secret laboratory based near to the hotel. They have invited all their friends and colleagues and they should be at the evening also. But what exactly is the nature of Michael’s research and how is it funded? Why is Georgina so nervous and highly strung? And just WHAT are those strange, creepy noises?

Murder Under the Mistletoe

Friday 29th November 2024

(Optional Costume – Christmas Party Wear)

It is Christmas in 1899 and the Prime Minister, Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, is hosting a lavish party. Spirits are high at the turn of the century, commerce and politics are doing well. It is also 7 years since the infamous Jack the Ripper was last active. But is everyone who they say they are? And has the Ripper really finished his work?