Here at the Telegraph, we are committed in acting ethically with integrity in all our business dealings, ensuring that we take all responsibilities legislated under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Organisational Structure

The Telegraph Hotel Ltd is a UK based business offering 88 bedrooms, three event rooms with an extensive food and beverage operation, based in the heart of Coventry city centre. Employing on average of 70 employees at one time.

The hotel is Managed under the UK based group “Bespoke Hotels”, with over 100 properties within their portfolio across all parts of the UK.

Supply Chains

We have an extensive supplier list supplying a wide range of services and products to the hotel, from food to bedroom linen and maintenance supplies.

Where possible local suppliers are sourced in line with our green initiative. However, where this is not possible national suppliers have been sourced but with reduced delivery days and bulk purchasing to control our carbon emissions.

Key procurement is managed by our Bespoke Head office support who manage all vetting of our supply chain, ensuring the selected suppliers meet the criteria governed under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

HR Polices and Recruitment

When employing people, we are committed to ensuring that all individuals who work and employed by the Telegraph Hotel Ltd are afforded basic human rights and are, always treated with respect. All employees are contracted with working terms and conditions governed by employment law and regulations ensuring equality and fair opportunity for all employees.

We recognise an awareness amongst staff personnel ensuring that training to prevent against modern slavery and the safeguarding of any staff, guests that fall into a high-risk category are identified. Enabling staff to identify people most at risk or show any signs of being victims of human trafficking or untoward behaviours.

Part of every staff personnel’s induction into the business is to complete an online training module detailing the Modern Slavery Act 2015 legislation, with the appropriate refresher courses during their employment journey. Further polices such as Equality and Diversity and Gender Pay Gap are trained and actively considered daily in the business.

Future Steps  

We understand and recognise that additional controls and monitoring is required to prevent any risk of exposure to shortfalls in our policy. Management is actively committed to a daily culture of compliance with the policy implementation in the workplace.

Continuously review our current suppliers list and vet any changes in their policies.

Internal HR audits ensuring legal compliance is adhered to for all stakeholders.

Risk management for identifying people at risk.

Monitoring revisions and key changes to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 amending our policy and procedure in line with the change.


The policy has been agreed and approved by senior management with confidence of its implementation into the daily operation. Furthermore, ensuring that all practices are reviewed and implemented with in the governed legal legislation.